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A picture is worth a thousand words.

Once the lights go off, I am me again.

19 December 1981
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Hi~! I'm Eriko and this is my journal!

I am an aspiring actress, most of my old work is in modeling, but I'm slowly building up a list of dramas and movies, so keep on the lookout! (^∇^)

This is my old blog. I've since moved it to here, the SatoEri Times!

Also very important: I'm not really the real Eriko Sato. I'm just made up. So please don't take anything in here too personally~
acting, candlelit dinners, cute little puppies (;_;);, gakuchan~, hideto~~, masakun!, modeling, nice men, reading under the moonlight, socializing, teasing gakuchan~, the beach, video games~!, yousan!